Saturday, 30 March 2013


This video is so genuine and moving…. Ellen Degeneres speaks out on bullying


 Until we create more happy people in this world things will be difficult to change. BUT Everyone of us are capable of creating happiness in our own little universe and as long as we ensure that all the people around us are happy and safe then hopefully this will send a ripple to expand out into the bigger universe. Our own little universe is not perfect but then no world is. When I look amongst my friends I see that all of us have everything we need to be grateful. We are all surounded by people that love us warts and all. So we are lucky.  There is NOT one person on this earth that doesn't have quirks and faults and EVERYONE on this earth was born with the right to feel happy and safe.
No parent should lose a child and no child should feel so alone. It is senseless.

So next time you see someone who is just that little bit different from YOUR perception of normal, don’t judge them or harass them. Smile and Let them be. They deserve it and YOU CAN make a difference.


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