Sunday, 6 October 2013

Give yourself a moment

Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast QLD

I recently took a couple of hours out of my busy schedule to stop and grab a coffee at the beach. It was a magnificent spring day. Whilst I was sitting on the rock wall I noticed what looked like rocks just past the breakers with waves gently breaking over the top. That was until these rocks started putting on a performance.  To my absolute delight it turned out to be a mother and calf whale. I was so excited and immediately felt enormous gratitude for this fantastic moment. I must of looked like such a goose laughing to myself and wanted to shout out to the whole beach about the whales. AND then I noticed! No-one else was stopping to notice this magical moment. There were people exercising and others making their way to work and everyone looked so focused just wanting to get from A to B. Some of them obviously noticed me and stopped to see what attracted my attention but still seemed to take the experience for granted. What happened to US?
Sadly, I am guilty of exactly the same thing. I even argued with myself about taking the time out as there were so many other things I could have been doing.  We get so caught up in life that we deprive ourselves of creating these memorable moments which I will now always remember.

I gave myself that time and I am so thankful I did.  You should to... :)

  • Stop and ALLOW yourself time to FEEL these windows of happiness.
  • Never take these moments for granted. They are given to us to help make a difference to our day
  • Appreciate and be GRATEFUL. It is so worth it

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