Thursday, 28 February 2013

Donate Life week

This week in Australia is "Donate Life week".

This is a fantastic cause and is quick and easy to do. Donating doesnt have to be just about organ donation. Other organisations to consider are blood donation and bone marrow donation.

I have had ther privilige of being a blood donor for most of my adult life and one night whilst giving blood I  registered as a bone marrow donor. Ten years later I got a letter saying I had matched with another human being who required my bone marrow. I attended the clinic in Sydney and for a few hours of discomfort, I got to help save someones life. Millions of children worldwide are losing their parents and many families are burying their children because there are not enough people registering with these organisations. Blood donation is vitally important as well and very simple. I'm so proud of  my teenage children who have become blood donors.
I have attached the links here so go on and have a look.

It really is worthwhile :)

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