Friday, 14 June 2013

Simple times

I remember as a child when I use to get caught in the rain in summer and I just loved it. 
When I walked home from school, I had to walk along the main road for about a km with huge trucks speeding past.  When it was raining I use to walk as close to the curb as safely possible so that the splash from the trucks hitting the puddles would soak me. I remember running and jumping into deep mud puddles and laughing. It was FREEDOM in its simplest form.
 I wasn't worried about what my hair looked like or if my uniform got wrinkled (that was mum's problem) or even what people thought and trust me there were plenty of disapproving looks going on.
There was no-one to impress. Just myself and nature 
This was a time when life was simple. Simple needs, simple fun and simple joys.
I love this image as it reminds me of that simple Time!
Sometimes we just need to stop and remember to have some fun and forget what others think
Enjoy Life!


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