Sunday, 13 September 2015


Do you ever wonder what true happiness is? Is it a generalisation of our lives or a fleeting emotion in our lives in any given moment? I was boarding a plane recently and was watching a child. The joy and happiness she was displaying was infectious and yet Less than 30 minutes later she was so distraught it made your heart break for both herself and her parents. Did this mean this child no longer had happiness in her life or was this just a moment? Shortly afterwards I saw a post from a friend on Facebook shouting to the world how content and happy she was with her life. A week later her life had crumbled around her. In a matter of days, her world had changed. Did this mean she would no longer experience happiness in her life or was this to just a moment, however long that moment lasts? Whatever had changed in her world was this going to determine her future happiness? Maybe, but Happiness was there once and would absolutely return if she was open to new possibilities. I look around and see people who have so much wealth and opportunity but how much happiness do they experience?
So what is happiness and is it real?  For me, I define happiness as moments in my day, week or even months. It is an emotion that I welcome and can flit in and out at any given moment. I can be down one minute and then do something simple like go for a walk on my property and come back so grateful for that experience. Simple things like watching the dog fall into the dam, giving the horses next door a cuddle, watching ducks with their babies or feeling the sunlight on my face all give me happiness. Had anything changed in my immediate world? No, my problems and worries were still there but for just that moment, I experienced happiness. It is so important to create these moments in our days otherwise we lose faith that our lives will get better. Faith is the belief beyond all doubt that things will change. When we bury ourselves in negativity then we develop a negative thought pattern and it becomes more and more difficult to recognise and be grateful for those moments.
I have a sign above my door to my office that reminds me “happiness is a decision”. It is our experiences that create happiness. It is important to acknowledge the little things that bring a smile or laughter to our world because it is all too easy to wallow in our reality and for some their reality can be painful. Whether you have a bad relationship, financial struggle or hate your job, you can still experience happiness. I promise you, if you acknowledge those moments when they happen, your overall outlook on life will improve and you will make a conscious effort to create more.  

“Happiness is not just wishful thinking but rather a moment to be experienced“

Friday, 29 August 2014

Best 19 minutes of the year

Here is a great inspirational video which is worth listening to. It may be the best 19 minutes you listen to this year. Don't be put off by the age of the video. It is applicable to today as it was back then.

Inspirational video. Click here to watch

Saturday, 26 October 2013

You deserve an exceptional life

As parents, we only want the best for our children and we wish we could project our wisdom and life experience into your minds to help you avoid the mistakes and mishaps that we experienced growing up.
In this new world we currently find ourselves in, you will be inundated with advice from adults and schools encouraging you to chase your dreams and believe in yourself blah blah blah......and we as adults have to be mindful of not forcing you into doing the opposite. It IS a fine line.
So for what its worth, I have had a lifetime of proof that it is possible to create a better world for yourself and it is through believing that you deserve an exceptional life and are prepared to do whatever it takes to give yourself that life that you will set yourself apart from the rest.

This video summarises everything we should know to focus and create our dream. It delivers most scenarios that could possibly crop up. All the barriers and resistance, mistakes and the realisation that others will let you down. DON"T let these STOP you from creating the life that you want. Even if it takes years rather than months. Just remember - You deserve it?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Give yourself a moment

Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast QLD

I recently took a couple of hours out of my busy schedule to stop and grab a coffee at the beach. It was a magnificent spring day. Whilst I was sitting on the rock wall I noticed what looked like rocks just past the breakers with waves gently breaking over the top. That was until these rocks started putting on a performance.  To my absolute delight it turned out to be a mother and calf whale. I was so excited and immediately felt enormous gratitude for this fantastic moment. I must of looked like such a goose laughing to myself and wanted to shout out to the whole beach about the whales. AND then I noticed! No-one else was stopping to notice this magical moment. There were people exercising and others making their way to work and everyone looked so focused just wanting to get from A to B. Some of them obviously noticed me and stopped to see what attracted my attention but still seemed to take the experience for granted. What happened to US?
Sadly, I am guilty of exactly the same thing. I even argued with myself about taking the time out as there were so many other things I could have been doing.  We get so caught up in life that we deprive ourselves of creating these memorable moments which I will now always remember.

I gave myself that time and I am so thankful I did.  You should to... :)

  • Stop and ALLOW yourself time to FEEL these windows of happiness.
  • Never take these moments for granted. They are given to us to help make a difference to our day
  • Appreciate and be GRATEFUL. It is so worth it

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Take a moment

Here is a beautiful video reminding us to just STOP. Make time everyday, even if it is only for 5 minutes to go outside, close your eyes and take in everything around you. Be surprised by the sounds of nature, the chorus from the birds or the noise that a breeze makes rustling through the trees. Just STOP and surrender yourself for 5 minutes.
Give yourself this gift of time.

I promise you will feel good!

Inspirational video

This is a video that will make you feel good and remind you to take the time to be you. It is a reminder of the things we need to have in our life and take the time to appreciate.